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Literature has always been at the forefront of profound shifts in human consciousness. That's the change that is needed now.  It's time for Choice Words: Writers on Abortion, the first major literary anthology of poems, stories, and literary essays about abortion. Twenty years in the making, this landmark collection amplifies the voices of people across continents and centuries who dared to claim authorship of their abortion experiences. Together, these essays, poems and prose are a testament to the political power of defying shame.

It is our hope that Choice Words will contribute to a grassroots movement towards reproductive freedom. In the process, we also hope to invite lasting connections among women.  People across the country are using Choice Words as a tool to bring pro-choice activists and neighbors together, changing the conversation through events and conversations that put women’s needs at the center. In the process of defending and protecting reproductive rights, we can also rediscover our own power, individually and together. We believe that reproductive freedom is a fundamental human right at the foundation of feminist community—and that feminist community can change the world.

In order to help us find each other, this website gives you tools to connect and organize. Form a book club, organize a community reading, throw a benefit to support a local clinic. It’s up to you, and Choice Words Action can help. We’ve put together a toolkit with everything you need to have a fun and meaningful event while building feminist community around the great literature in Choice Words with your friends and neighbors. Please browse the site, check out events in your area, and start a choice party in your own neighborhood.

We’re excited about the potential of Choice Words Action to bring women together and to bring about the change we need in mind, body, heart, will, and spirit.  Thank you for reading Choice Words, and thank you for visiting Choice Words Action.  Here’s to great literature, feminist community, and abortion without apology!

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Our team has spent decades on the front lines of the fight for choice without apology. Click the team members to learn more.